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You know someone!

There is someone in your circle that is home and scared and trying to manage their skin and wound issues on their own or with less support than they are used to.

I had that person in mind when I put together an Event of Facebook that took place on Monday May 11th!

Share and Join if you can CARING FOR YOUR WOUND AT HOME

  • 930 a Welcome Greeting
  • 10 Nutrition and Healing at home
  • 11 Diabetic Foot Care
  • 12 Signs of Infection and Cleansing
  • 1 Deep Breathing and Self Care
  • 2 Treating Wounds with Dressings
  • 3 Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Care
  • 4 Compression Garment Care
  • 5 Fibrosis after Plastic and Oncological Surgery
  • 6 Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Join Live and Ask questions if you can!

Drop an email in here for access to all the recordings and resources later in the week!

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