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Surgery Recovery During a Pandemic

Beyond all the normal recovery concerns, stress and anxiety, during this time there is another aspect of recovery you need to consider when you are having a procedure. The healthcare landscape is changing. Not only are facilities limiting visitors, requiring more safety equipment and distance but they may also be down in staff as well.

That does not change the fact that you may need help after a procedure with pain, swelling, wound care, mobility issues and safety concerns.

You need to plan ahead for your post-op care and not wait until you after a procedure to consider who will be able to help you.

People are choosing not to go to rehabilitation centers for fear of infection and are opting to go home.

Here’s some tips to help you plan ahead:

  • Designate someone that can stay overnight a few nights
  • Who can help you get into the house if you have stairs (or can you stay somewhere else)
  • Can you stay on the first floor?
  • Make some meals ahead of time
  • Contact a physical therapist that can come to you or make an appointment a week out from your surgery to get into an outpatient center

You can find more tips in my Book Health Healing After Surgery : a better and faster recovery

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