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I personally believe that many of us don’t or can’t get all the nutrition they need just from food. Many of us are busy and eating on the go and proper balanced eating takes a lot of prep time.  Can it be done, maybe? But I see more often that people don’t.

I do believe in supplementation. It will vary depending on what my goals are at the time.

For instance, when my hand was broken, I took a lot of calcium and collagen.

When my stomach is hurting, I increase the ginger and turmeric.

On a daily basis, I take probably a minimum of 6-10 different nutritional supplements. Is it all working, time will tell. But to date, I do not take or need to take any prescription medications and I want to stay that way as long as possible. I completely understand that some of you may need to take meds; my husband and son do and it’s a fact of life for many.  But being in healthcare, I also know that many folks have the extensively long list of medications that match up with their long list of aliments. I want to avoid being prescribed one medication to deal with my issue and 2-3 other meds to deal with the side effects of the 1st med.

I am doing that with good quality food, exercise, managing my stressors and supplementation.

SupplemenetI choose to be affiliated with Advocare because of their science and medical advisory board credentials and because use and trust their products.

You can find their whole line here. Heather’s Better Wellness Advocare Store.

They have so much to offer, I suggest reaching out to me so I can point you in the right direction first.


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