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Therapy & Wellness

All clients will receive a full assessment on your initial visit to determine the cause of your issues and determine a plan for care.

Plan to be with me at least 1 hour or longer depending on the severity of your issues.
Together we will determine priorities to focus on and best frequency of visits.

Multiple Tools and Resources are available to aid in your recovery and return to an active lifestyle.
Typically 3 consecutive visits once a week to target acute pain and inflammation are recommended. More visits may be needed for complete recovery and follow-up maintenance.

Wellness services can include sporadic visits for a reset. These can include any treatment but the most common are cupping and ANF treatments.

Amino Neuro Frequency is a cutting edge treatment to aid in the reduction of pain and mitigate the body’s response to inflammation, stress and decreased immunity. Read more about ANF

Other wellness options include Cyrotherapy Total Body Fatloss and Cellulite reduction treatments.

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