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March Madness! 1/2 off prices for Intro Month

Super excited to be bringing PT services to Underground Athletics!

I’ll be there every Thursday Night 4-8.

1/2 off while getting set up during the month of March.

Just because I don’t have all the equipment I want yet for the office, doesn’t mean we can’t make a dent in your recovery and wellness!

If you’ve been curious about what Kinesiotaping can do for you, this is the perfect time to try it out!

Evals $50, Follow up treatments $25, Taping only $15.

For Curby 3-Style Wrestlers. $50 for 1 box of tape and 5 taped sites as needed. Just bring your tape.

Contact me at betterwellnesspt@gmail.comĀ  or call 421-4468

Book an Appointment in March!


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