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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD). What the who, when, why?!?

The lymph system might be a complete mystery to you, unless you’ve had an issue with swelling in the past. Lymph vessels run through your body, similar to blood vessels. It includes nodes that help to filter excess fluids and toxins out of your body, acting as a major component to your immune sytem. It can become a problem when your managing an illness or after a simple surgery that leaves you with some nagging swelling.

Your lymphatic system is stimulated by

  • Deep diaphragmatic breathing
  • Movement
  • Compression
  • and MLD

Manual lymph drainage is not only for those suffering from chronic lymphedema. It is a gentle technique that can benefit anyone recovering from any surgical procedure with persistent swelling and to help prevent lymphedema from developing in those of higher risk. It is also beneficial for aiding in pain reduction after a procedure since it is a gentle, relaxing, calming light massage.

Ice and elevation is not always enough to get that swelling out!

MLD can be performed on a specific region of swelling like the leg, arm, abdomen or face, as well as a total body treatment.

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If you are looking for a DIY resource for Self Care Check out this Resource which comes with a printable PDF and Videos for Demo Face and Body Class

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