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Knee Pain? Is it threating to halt your spring run?


It’s about that time that we are all feeling spring fever to get out and move more!

If you are anything like me, knee pain can sometimes threaten to halt your progress in the gym or on the trail.

Personally I’m scheduled for a big bike ride in May and I can’t really take a break.

X-ray’s show that I have no structural issues, so what do you do when RICE aren’t helping?

(Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation)

Ultrasound is one of the methods that may help alleviate the pain and inflammation from overtraining.   Ultrasound utilizes sound wave energy to treat focused, isolated areas of tissue to help with relieving pain in affected areas of the body and to speed the recovery process for injured muscle or other tissues.

Follow it  up with some Rocktape to maintain that corrected movement and help manage the pain longer.

Better Wellness PT has March deals in place. Come on down and get back to MOVING!!!

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