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Just bought a TRX! Who wants to get fit “Anywhere” with me

We are so exited about the launch of our new “ANYWHERE” Fitness Program. Now you can get TEAM FIT transformation results without a gym.For all the “busy women” out there, this fitness and nutrition program is for YOU.  Busy Moms, Working Professionals, Traveling Women, Vacationers, or those that simply don’t have access or want to be in a gym, this program goes where you do.

The Team Fit Anywhere Program allows you the opportunity to reach your fitness and wellness goals with minimal equipment and time. It can be done at home, on the “road”, at the track, the park,  beach and offers you the flexibility of fitness on your terms and schedule.

This 10-12 week program is designed to get you results and provides you with:
    • 6 Strength Workouts
    • 5 HIIT Based Cardio Workouts
    • 2 Meal Plans
    • Grocery List
    • Dynamic Stretching Routines
    • Body Measurements Tracker 
    • Dedicated Coach
    • Exclusive Team Video Demonstration Portal 
    • Access to our exclusive online social media community of fellow Team Fit Members from across the Globe, aka your “Fit Tribe.”
    • Resources, Tips and Tricks from your all female team of Fitness Experts!
    • Exclusive Team Fit Discounts


Fitness that goes where you do, HOME, BUSINESS TRAVEL, VACATION! The Team Fit Anywhere Program allows you the opportunity to build muscle and lose weight all in the privacy of your home, hotel room or anywhere you can need to bring your fitness program.
All the guesswork if taken out of getting fit. We give you varied workouts that build strength and strip away body fat while keeping it fun. Your dedicated coach will be with you ever step of the way and your “fit tribe” will support you and cheer you along.
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