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How do these discs work?

By now you may have seen my posts about these beige sticker discs that I have said can help with anything from pain, inflammation, wound healing, stress to boosting immunity.

How is that possible without medication or being plugged into some contraption?

The discs I use on myself and in my practice are Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy created and designed by Dr. Mikel HG Hoff on the basis of his neuro medical training and understanding that frequencies and energy are the basis of everything.

These discs are medical devices, carbonized metal that have been embedded with frequency energy.

All body systems are dependent on frequencies from the nervous system to flow uninterrupted for optimal function. With prolonged pain, inflammation, exposure to toxins from the environment the body’s frequencies are disturbed. This break in the system can be minor and we recover quickly, especially if we are fairly healthy and are able to remove the cause for the disturbance. However, more likely a history of subpar lifestyle choices or hereditary health issues make you already compromised and any extra stress on the system causes injuries, disease or chronic silent inflammation exacerbating those underlying issues.

ANF Therapy is an amazing treatment which can aid the body in finding balance and restoring homeostasis from damage. This therapy can be used to treat acute sport/work injuries, chronic pain, back pain, neck, shoulder, nerve damage, wound healing, immune and lymphatic issues. All the body’s systems rely on energy and frequencies and ANF can support any system. There are a multitude of discs and applications all depending on your individual situation. This requires an in-person assessment and treatment. A difference is typically noted within a few minutes and this treatment last up to 72 hours. It is an amazing addition to any other treatment you are doing because of the lasting effects. Duration of treatments is vary depending on initial severity. A brand new injury or illness will respond faster and a more chronic issues will take more sessions and likey many more discs during those treatments due to a compounding issue. Anyone with chronic back pain knows that you eventually develop other issues like a funky walk or neck pain . The goal is to eventually restore balance and no longer need regular wearing, although spot treatments can always be beneficial but may be for other issues.

For instance, I treat my herniated discs and resulting sciatica when I have an acute flare up. If I apply the discs right away, I usually only need 1-2 sessions and maybe 7-10 discs or as little as 4-5. If I wait and try to tough it out, I usually need more like 15 discs and more treatments or a combination of modalities. I do not need this treatment all the time however over time I have noticed less need for any other additional treatments or medical interventions. That is just my personal experience and not a guarantee that it will do the same for you since all of our situations are different and need an individualized plan. Even during times of stress or illnesses, I have found lymphatic and antioxidant protocols combined with stress easing frequencies to keep my health much more consistent. I am lucky since I have this treatment readily available to use for any issues.

If you are seeking out alternative options to maintain or improve health, this frequency therapy may be an option for you. ANF can help your body receive other options you may be experimenting with and help those efforts be absorbed better and with faster results.

Please check out more information at the website and consider booking a call to discuss your specific issues we can make a plan for your needs. Book Here

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