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Help Raise $$ for Curby 3-Style to get to Fargo 2017!


How can you help?  Donate Directly at Go-Fund me page OR


Instead of buying your supplements online or at the store try Advocare…. Make a Purchase! Click the Links, Purchase and Share!

Profits will benefit getting 13 wrestlers to Fargo in July.

Advocare is a World-Class Nutrition Company with Third Party Testing so the whole performance line is banned substance free! Performance Elite


 ·        Do you drink Gatorade or Sports Electrolyte Replacement Drinks?

Try REHYDRATE instead!  Click Here for Rehydrate

Less Sodium and Sugar than Gatorade. 3 Flavors. Canisters or Individual Packets for on the go. Try the gel packs to protect your body from dehydration


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Beat the Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness Click Here for Nighttime Recovery


 ·        Do you use Energy Drinks?

Try SPARK instead! Click Here For Spark

Same Caffeine as coffee, 20 Vitamins and Nutrients to Maintain Mental Focus.


 ·        Into Green Drinks?

Try the newer green products. Just add water and go! AdvoGreens


Parents…Trying to drop a few pounds?  Try a 10 Day Cleanse or 24 Day Challenge.

Tons of other products to try depending on your needs!


If you plan to make a purchase or know you like products, call me to find out how to get 20% off for a year! Heather Flexer 518-421-4688    Connect on Better Wellness PT

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