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Heather’s Journey with Hiit and how I did it without injury!

Oddly enough a photoshoot goal always seems to be a great motivator for me!

After a life changing career path change, it could have been super easy to fall into bad patterns. Stress had started to get the better of me in my waistline, so instead of giving in I am fighting my way to my goals and have meet some AMAZING women along the way!

I just completely a new 10 week HIIT program and while I feel great and strong, I am not at my ultimate goal yet! So…I’m going to continue the journey!

Tonight I’ll be live at 8 on my Facebook Page BETTER WELLNESS PT to discuss what I’ve been doing, what I’ve learned at the Women’s Health Talk last week with Dr. Smith and my plans.

Join me if you can.

Check out my free tips page for some recommendations for you starting a program and avoid injury.


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