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Get or stay fit at home

We learned from this pandemic how important your baseline fitness is to your entire mindset and livelihood. There is so much that we have no control over but maintaining a healthy body and mind can be done, even from home.

On a personal note, staying fit has helped me avoid medications and surgery for my chronic low back pain. Most of the services I offer my clients are because they worked for me or others I have treated.  As a physical therapist, I’ve seen folks at all stages of injury and rehabilitation and the ones that always recover faster had a strong foundation of healthy to begin with. It’s my mission to help folks recover faster or avoid surgery altogether but I also do not want you dependent on me to keep you healthy. It has to come from within in my opinion. Without going to a formal gym at this current situation has been an adjustment to for me and it can be tough to get into a rhythm with a home program.

I put together a few of the items that are integral to my home fitness routine.

Let’s start with the basics to get your home gym set up to max out your time and effort.

  1. A Yoga Mat. It’s not just for yoga! It’s a great way to mark out your territory as your workout space. I get a lot done in that little bit of space that’s right in the middle of office. I happen to leave it set up all the time but it’s super easy to roll it right up when you want to clear the space out. I like to workout barefoot at home and the yoga mat is the right amount of cushioning for my feet, knees and back.
  2. Resistance Bands. The are a whole variety of styles out there, straight, loops, strips with loops. My personal favorite are the small loops and the longer strip with loops built in. They are light and easy to store and take with you and surprisingly effective and adding resistance to your standard body weight workout. If you cannot afford or not have the space for various weights then bands are a great way to increase your strength as you continue through your fitness journey.
  3. TRX Suspension Cable is another options for a small home gym to take your workout to the next level adding in resistance and core work into a dynamic activity. All that can hang on the back of a door in your office. This is a bit more difficult to use and put a guide into the Kit as well in case you are not familiar but once you get the hang of it, the TRX is super dynamic and versatile.
  4. Adjustable Weights  At some point you will need to kick it up a notch! In order to get stronger and continue to make gains, adding weight will absolutely need to happen. Having a wide variety of weights in house can be tough to do without a large dedicated space and budget. I have a few kettle bells that have really been a great addition but if you can not get your hands on those, something like an adjustable weight is a great option for a home gym.
  5. One of my favorite cardio/stress busting activities is a nice long ride. Since weather in the Northeast does not always make that possible, I have the Peloton app and my bike in a rack. In all honesty, I have found that their strength and even some yoga class have been more of a go to now that going out to a gym a less attractive option for me, personally. These classes do require a bit more personal gumption because you are in completely in charge of what classes you take on any given day and the schedule of them.
  6. Need ore structure? Then I recommend the Beachbody on Demand which has built in programs that will guide you through a progression. You pick the challenge and then just dive in. A good personal friend of mine is a coach that helps folks get set up and work through a program. She is always starting up a few program and will be able to help you figure out how to best get started.
  7. Never underestimate the power of a good walk outside, if the weather permits. I do it everyday!

For a direct link to the full kit, check it out here

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