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Endurance Activities

Elastic tape  is different that other restrictive forms of kinesiotape. It is meant to enhance movement.

Tape can help to increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage and can potentially increase muscular endurance.

Last Sunday, I embarked on the longest ride I’ve done so far and my lower back was acting up a bit from sleeping on a different bed. My arms have also been going a little numb during my training rides on my new bike. We adjusted the position of the bike but wanted a little insurance for endurance!


Excuse the slightly blurry bathroom photo! We went a bit overboard but it worked and my back, neck and shoulders felt strong through the ride.

I did not make the full 40 miles  but that had nothing to do with my endurance. That was purely the need for a warm hot shower and not being able to feel my hands and feet from the freezing cold rain.  NEXT TIME! 27 and the Brooklyn Bridge was just fine for that day.

If you are training for an event this spring/summer and need a endurance insurance, come one down and try it out!

Effect of Elastic Tape and LBP Article


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