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Diabetics with Dry Cracked Feet

This week, I saw 2 people with some of the worst flaky feet I’ve seen in a long time!                                 I was not seeing them for wound care purposes but once you know something, it is impossible to un-know it.

Reviewing their history both had a co-morbidity of Diabetes Type II, so I thought I would bringing up some Diabetic Foot Care reminders and pearls of advice.

  • Xerosis, excessive dry skin, is common and may be a predictor of lesions and infections in people with diabetes.
  • Caused by a loss of moisture from sebaceous and sweat gland and diminishing blood flow to the foot. These issues will progress as Diabetes is left uncontrolled.
  • These flakes and cracks can become deeper fissures over time; becoming a portal for bacteria to enter the body.

What can be done?

  • Get control of blood sugars. Work with MD and a Diabetic Educator to help.
  • Avoid lotions with Alcohol, Petroleum and Mineral Oil
  • Use lotions to keep skin hydrated. Try a preventative skin care like VitalFitSr  Use Code HF10 for 10% off
  • Pat feet dry don’t rub and when applying the lotion, don’t put too much in between the toes. Focus on what is flaky.
  • Don’t walk around bare foot. Decreased sensation can leave you more vulnerable.
  • If you notice an open area get an MD appointment ASAP to prevent further complications.


Remember when your client with diabetes comes in.

Look at their Feet!!!  You could help save a foot!

Check the wearing pattern of their shoes. It may be time for new ones. Feet change over time.

Is sock or shoe wet inside? That could be drainage, LOOK!

Do they know how to inspect their own feet and what to look for?                                                            Get a mirror and show them areas of high risk.

flaky feet

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