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Hang in there!

This has been a truly unique time for all of us no matter how we were affected.

Hoping that May will bring a return to providing services, slowly but surely to those in need. I feel confident that we can uphold a safe environment in my private little home studio with the ability to sanitize before and after each client session and no waiting room which limits interactions. Basically you go from your car, right to the treatment table! We can both wear our masks and wash hands.

A new service will be available to help mitigate all the crazy energy that we are all feeling!

A Detox session will include Reiki infused Lymphatic Bodywork Session. It can be a total body or limited to a specific area. Followed by ANF Neuro Frequency Discs that will extend the benefit for an additional 72 hours to boost your immune system and bring a general calming sense of balance and flow. There is a Detox Body Ice Option for anyone that has been overindulging and needs an extra boost.

All other services are still available including the Total Body Fat loss Cryotherapy, Fire Cupping, Post-Surgical needs including Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Taping and Wound Care including Scar Care and Video Consultations.

Best thing to do right now! Set up a call to make a plan.

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