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Determine your mortality with this test ?!?

Sitting and rising from the floor is a basic functional task required for independence. Proper muscle strength, power, coordination, balance and flexibility are needed. The inability to get down and up off the floor has been linked to fall risk and as a potential indication of mortality rate. Every supportive hand or knee you need is a point deduction and up to a 21% decrease in mortality.

Check out this video explanation and determine your score. sit and rise test

GOOD NEWS is you can change your score by becoming stronger!!!!

Recently becoming an affiliate coach for Team Fit Mom/Girl/Bride this all was pretty funny that we were challenged to perform some reverse burpees and roly pollies. You can catch my video below and join in the fun and get stronger with me.

Roly Pollies make everyone laugh! If you notice I do touch my knee down, but not my hands. I think that the jumping and repetitions mean I’m strong enough.

New group starting May 16th! Message me or check out for more details.

See resourced article by deBrito 2012 deBrito-Floor-Rise-Mortality-2012..pdf

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