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Come one, Come all!!! There is a Physical Therapist in the Club!

Heather Flexer, PT, DPT is available Every Thursday Night 4-8 and other appointments Available on Request.

In the club anyway and have an injury that needs attention; we can take care of you at the club! If you are being referred to another therapist, let’s chat and see if we can address your needs in the club and cut down on your commuting and chauffeuring.

MD referral not required in NYS! In process of being able to accept insurances, however most sessions are only about $50 for the initial session and $50-25 per follow up.


 Connect on Facebook Page  Email at


Guardians, if you could fill out this information attached.

This will allow me to work easily with your athletes as the need arises without delay.

After initial treatment, if you are not on site, I will call/email you to follow up with recommendations.
Heather Flexer, DPT, CWS
Better Wellness PT

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