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Advocate, Respect and Communication are KEY in Healthcare!

Ultimately we need to be our own health advocates.

I feel blessed to know enough to lend a hand to those I cross paths with and humble enough to keep my mouth shut when I don’t have any suggestions.

This week I came across a woman with several non-healing wounds in both her feet. (not her pictured below) I was there officially as a physical therapist there for mobility screening. Being a wound care lady, I have to turn that humble part off and get into action. So after the main goals were accomplished, I started asking her about how she was managing these wounds at home.

She told me that her co-pay for the wound center was $200/visit and she could only afford that 1x/month. The visiting nurses were changing the dressings for her a few times a week. She had been turned away from 3 Orthotists to make the offloading shoes that her MD recommended.

Taking into consideration that venous insufficiency was a major factor and therefore making Total Contact Casting ( the gold standard for Diabetic Ulcers) not appropriate; her options have been limited.

The insoles pictured and linked below might not be the BEST, but better than not wearing any shoes or not walking and continuing to have functional declines leading to further lack of circulation and worsening wounds.

I gave her this link to get them off amazon while she waits for custom shoes, and let her attending MD know information I had passed along.. Pressure Off Loading Shoe Inserts

The MD was thankful to have new knowledge and cost effective options to offer his patients as well.

All about respect and communication!

Any fellow wound folks that have other options, I’d love to hear them!

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