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About my new venture…

I’m a Physical Therapist since 2000 originally with my BS/MS and Transition DPT completed in 2014. In my early career, I tried a few different settings including rehab/long-term care, home care, acute care and even a very short stint in a preschool situation attached to the hospital. Luckily, I was able to work for a good portion of my career to date dedicated to my passion for healing wounds.
I recently have decided to focus on a dream of working for myself, it’s a next generation for my career. At this moment, it’s in the shape of direct client care in an outpatient direct access style, although education and wound care will be included down the line. While I may have the years of experience in my favor this is a completely new venture; one that required a mentor. Through that mentorship, I am now part of a society of amazingly inspiring, entrepreneurial and gifted therapists and students. It’s like a secret society that I never knew existed. It is amazing!
Some of these society members are just starting their PT education. Some are just getting ready to take the boards exam and start practicing. Some are old vets like me that are looking for something more. All of us have experienced in some fashion the way the system can or tries to beat your ambitions down. I hate hearing these students talk about how some of their professors are trying to squash their dreams and hopes for progress for our profession. It happened to me in school and in work. It is not uncommon, but it hurts my heart regardless.
When I see what these aspiring therapists are being able to accomplish while still in school, I know there is no way that I won’t be able to accomplish what I want to. Hopefully, down the line I’ll also be able to mentor others in along the way. The only thing that will stop me is me; and that is just not an option.
Being around this group got me thinking about this new term for my generation, Xennials. The microgeneration born between 1977 and 1983. A generation born between the technology boom. Born in a time when landlines were used, people read the paper and you had to watch your T.V. show when it was on or you missed it. What is pretty cool about this generation is we grew up in a time where our awkwardness was not blasted on social media and it was easier to move on and get over it. Emails and texting didn’t become a thing until we were already able to function without the use of technology. Some of us Xennials may struggle adopting every new facet of technology but there are many that don’t and even better, this younger generation is now going to be joining us on the job. We all seem to struggle a bit with confidence in some aspect but if we focus on our mission as therapists to aid others in healing and enhancing the client’s experience. Many of my peers are in power positions now, hopefully we’ll be able to embrace and empower this incoming generation. It’s going to be amazing to see where we go when we work together.

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