Soreness from a new workout Yup! It’s expected

It’s called DOMS. Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness.


It from overtaxing the muscles. It’s common when you’re working on increasing the weights or trying a completely new routine that has you moving in ways you have not done in a while/ever.

It’s totally normal and there are things you can do to lessen it.

  1. Make sure you’re hydrating. If you’re a big sweater, add in electrolytes.
  2. Use a preworkout and post-workout to get proper nutrition in your system to aide in recovery.
  3. Active recovery is key! Stretching after, use of a foam roller and some cardio after a heavy session can help your muscles recover in a lengthened state.
  4. It usually peaks at 2-3 days after the workout, so embrace it and plan for it. If you get very sore you might want to schedule another kind of workout. Yoga, walking, swim laps or cycling. Be active but do something else
  5. Reward yourself for your hard work. So many healing options are becoming more popular. Cyrotherapy booths, Infrared Saunas or get a nice deep tissue massage. All designed to aid in recovery.
  6. Start all over on Monday and enjoy! It means your muscles are growing and changing and that’s not a bad thing!


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If it doesn’t resolve in a few days and you’ve laid off the workouts, then it might be something else and it’s a good idea to check with your MD.

Don’t Get Hurt Trying to Get Fit!



Every resource out there on success will talk about finding a Mentor!

“Mentors sees more talent and ability within you than you see in yourself, and they bring it out of you” Bob Proctor

“Every great achiever is inspired by a great mentor” Lailah Gifty Akita

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn”    Benjamin Franklin

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the higher part of yourself when sometimes it’s become hidden to your own view.” Oprah Winfrey

2017 was a year of massive change and growth for me.                                                                Luckily I saw it coming and didn’t let it get the best of me, instead spending the  remainder of that year surrounding myself with people who are motivating and inspiring me to do things I only ever lightly considered. All because I said “Yes” to a mentor and every single opportunity that has arisen from the one decision.

2018 is going to be HUGE!

If you are a PT, PT student or PT hopeful.

You need check out SSPT Season 5 with Greg Todd.



Don’t Ignore Your Scars!!!

Seeing a ton of tight scars lately and folks are complaining about pains that are not going away.

Seems like folks need to take some healing in their own hands and get down to some scar massage.

It’s simple if you can reach it, get a friend or come on in for some help from a professional.

Check out this little video explanation


Since skin is made of collagen and elastin primarily it can’t hurt to add in some of those essential proteins into your system especially when you are recovering from an injury

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New Wellness Offerings! BOOK NOW!

Some of you may have seen my posts about a new training that I am partaking in or the patches I’ve been sporting on my neck and belly.

Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy. It’s some COOL STUFF! Using sticky discs with specific frequencies to assist your body in normalizing itself and ease your symptoms of pain beyond what you’ve experienced before with standard treatments.

During the training we helped people suffering for months and years with chronic systemic inflammation feel better in minutes! The smiles and looks of shock and awe and gratitude were amazing!

You can check out some of the info on this site and my discs should be arriving by the end of this week.

As soon as they get here, I’m ready to go!

The first 5 clients will get my normal cash rate for initial visit of $150.

After that prices will be increasing to $200 for the initial treatment including the costs of the needed discs for that visit and $150 for follow-up.

With a very hands on assessment of what is going on in your body and a goal to decrease your symptoms by 50% before you leave.

That’s quite a bargain.

Check it some info at the site below and feel free to ask me questions.



Advocate, Respect and Communication are KEY in Healthcare!

Ultimately we need to be our own health advocates.

I feel blessed to know enough to lend a hand to those I cross paths with and humble enough to keep my mouth shut when I don’t have any suggestions.

This week I came across a woman with several non-healing wounds in both her feet. (not her pictured below) I was there officially as a physical therapist there for mobility screening. Being a wound care lady, I have to turn that humble part off and get into action. So after the main goals were accomplished, I started asking her about how she was managing these wounds at home.

She told me that her co-pay for the wound center was $200/visit and she could only afford that 1x/month.   The visiting nurses were changing the dressings for her a few times a week. She had been turned away from 3 Orthotists to make the offloading shoes that her MD recommended.

Taking into consideration that venous insufficiency was a major factor and therefore making Total Contact Casting ( the gold standard for Diabetic Ulcers) not appropriate; her options have been limited.

The insoles pictured and linked below might not be the BEST, but better than not wearing any shoes or not walking and continuing to have functional declines leading to further lack of circulation and worsening wounds.

I gave her this link to get them off amazon while she waits for custom shoes, and let her attending MD know information I had passed along..  Pressure Off Loading Shoe Inserts 

The MD was thankful to have new knowledge and cost effective options to offer his patients as well.

All about respect and communication!

Any fellow wound folks that have other options, I’d love to hear them!


Heather’s Journey with Hiit and how I did it without injury!

Oddly enough a photoshoot goal always seems to be a great motivator for me!

After a life changing career path change, it could have been super easy to fall into bad patterns. Stress had started to get the better of me in my waistline, so instead of giving in I am fighting my way to my goals and have meet some AMAZING women along the way!

I just completely a new 10 week HIIT program and while I feel great and strong, I am not at my ultimate goal yet! So…I’m going to continue the journey!

Tonight I’ll be live at 8 on my Facebook Page BETTER WELLNESS PT to discuss what I’ve been doing, what I’ve learned at the Women’s Health Talk last week with Dr. Smith and my plans.

Join me if you can.

Check out my free tips page for some recommendations for you starting a program and avoid injury.



I personally believe that many of us don’t or can’t get all the nutrition they need just from food. Many of us are busy and eating on the go and proper balanced eating takes a lot of prep time.  Can it be done, maybe? But I see more often that people don’t.

I do believe in supplementation. It will vary depending on what my goals are at the time.

For instance, when my hand was broken, I took a lot of calcium and collagen.

When my stomach is hurting, I increase the ginger and turmeric.

On a daily basis, I take probably a minimum of 6-10 different nutritional supplements. Is it all working, time will tell. But to date, I do not take or need to take any prescription medications and I want to stay that way as long as possible. I completely understand that some of you may need to take meds; my husband and son do and it’s a fact of life for many.  But being in healthcare, I also know that many folks have the extensively long list of medications that match up with their long list of aliments. I want to avoid being prescribed one medication to deal with my issue and 2-3 other meds to deal with the side effects of the 1st med.

I am doing that with good quality food, exercise, managing my stressors and supplementation.

SupplemenetI choose to be affiliated with Advocare because of their science and medical advisory board credentials and because use and trust their products.

You can find their whole line here. Heather’s Better Wellness Advocare Store.

They have so much to offer, I suggest reaching out to me so I can point you in the right direction first.