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If you’ve been frustrated by traditional healthcare promoting medications, invasive testing and surgical procedures, then we should get to know each other.

Those traditional treatments have their place and are needed for some conditions, but not all!

Did you know most surgery clients need post-op care and various therapeutic techniques can lead to quicker recovery?

Did you know that most adults are walking around with disc herniations all the time and most can recover without surgery?

Need help, I offer services here not available anywhere else in the capital district.

  • Consultations for wound healing for those incisions that re-open
  • Cyrotherapy Body Sculpting for Total Body Fat Loss
  • Madierotherapy/Wood Therapy
  • ANF Biofrequency Patches for pain/inflammation, stress management, chronic issues.
  • Detox body working including MLD for post-op care and general wellness
  • Scar prevention and improvement
  • As well as more commonly provided services like cupping, manual work, kinesiotaping, and CBD massages and Reiki infused sessions.

Wondering if I am the right practioner for you? Pick an option below and let’s get you on the road to recovery.

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